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NEW RELEASE: Lithia Park


New Realease: Lithia Park

Ruby Birk, who lives in Ashland Oregon, often comes to Lithia Park with her dog Yukon to sketch. She is the quintessential starving artist who never earns enough money through her artwork to pay the rent or purchase groceries. To learn more about this book or download a sample chapter click the image above!

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The First Holiday Short Story by Ra Lynn LoneWalker

Introducing: Short Stories

Enjoy Ra Lynn LoneWalker's signature storytelling while waiting for an appointment, enjoying a nice cup of tea or bubble bath or to "get away" for a little while. Short stories now available for download!

I confess this a is a genre I made up. I don’t like my work to be placed into a box, have boarders built around them, it feels to confining to me. I want my work to be free! 

To me when I use the word genre I’m limiting my work and I’m giving the perspective reader an avenue to assume a lot about my work.

This is how I look at it…READ MORE 

A heartfelt thank you to the great team I have, that makes my books possible. I’d like to shout out some of my hard working team. Read More.

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