A Source of Blisters

It’s not every day the town of Armageddon, New Mexico, receives a visitor—especially not one like Viktorya.

As an ancient Regent of Justice, armed with her Widowmakers and riding a Warhorse, Viktorya is there on a mission: to rescue a boy whose last hope lies in a goddess’s promise. And to do it, she’ll rain hell down on those who have evaded justice for too long.

With unlikely friends watching her back and dangerous enemies gunning for her head, it will take all of her training to stay one step ahead of corrupt cops, trigger-happy assassins, and two rival gangs.

The road to delivering justice is a bloody one, but Viktorya will stop at nothing to save the innocent and destroy the wicked. She once needed saving herself, after all; it’s her turn to defend those who can’t stand up for themselves.

One thing’s for sure—Armageddon will certainly live up to its name.

Cinnamon Kisses

In the distance between heaven and hell it is suggested that the world we live in exists. Here on this earth at this time we often take for granted that our reality is constant. We assume every day will produce forward movement of the clock, an unfailing certainty that our day progresses into the future. But what if you woke up one day and everything
was different? What would you do if things subtle and
obvious were strangely out of place: the people you knew didn’t know you anymore, your job didn’t exist, and your family was just gone?

Cinnamon Kisses is the story of Dardic Jennings who believes he has slipped through a crack in reality into a parallel world. Things are no longer as he believes they should be. He goes to sleep with an impressive job, a beautiful fiancée, and a happy family, and wakes to find himself unemployed,
homeless and completely alone, except for his psychologist, Sherry Rosen.

Rosen accepts Dardic as a pro bono patient and immediately she has a strange affinity to him. The more she is around him the more she is compelled to help him. In therapy Dardic, tells Sherry he’s not from this reality. Soon she begins to believe him—and then begins to question her own reality.
Together they try to establish what reality is, and where are they located within the multiple versions of it they experience.

Lithia Park

Ruby Birk, who lives in Ashland Oregon, often comes to Lithia Park with her dog Yukon to sketch.

She is the quintessential starving artist who never earns enough money through her artwork to pay the rent or purchase groceries. She seems to be filled with angst and is jealous of so-called normal people with normal nine-to-five jobs. Self-doubt is her biggest enemy, and because of her limited faith in the world of art, she is reluctant to leap into the job market and conform to the world around her. If she got a regular job, she protests, she would have to turn her back on everything she believes in.

This is what has her filled with depression.

When Ruby’s ex-husband surprises her one day with a painting, her life is suddenly turned upside down. The painting is more than a hundred years old, and yet, there on the canvas is the unmistakable image of Ruby, her dog, and an unknown man. As if the painting weren’t strange enough, it’s Ruby’s signature in the corner that unsettles her: it’s her name, and she is convinced it was written by her hand…

While she doesn’t recognize the man in the painting, there is something familiar about him. And, when Ruby turns the painting over, she finds further mysteries taped to the back of the canvas and frame.

This mysterious painting leads Ruby on a journey to find out how the painting came to exist. She also learns who the man with her is.

Through the magic of Lithia Park, Ruby is able to travel through time and go back a hundred years to find the answers she seeks.

Lithia Park swirls together in elements of “Bid Time Return,” “Lust for Life,” and “A Portrait of Jennie” to give readers an enchanting novel that takes on immense themes: love, death, magic, and the power of the human mind to transform and transcend reality.

Lithia Park will captivate readers who fall under its spell.

On the Other Side of the Golden Gate

Hope’s breast cancer was a challenge that had to be met.

At stake – her life.

She had to overcome the disease for her husband and her children, but, mostly, because she just wasn’t ready to die. and she wasn’t ready to die because she hadn’t lived her life yet.

Hope had put everything on hold because of her diagnosis. Now, with the cancer in remission, her life is stagnant and she is desperate to change it.

Is disease destiny? Is it coincidence?

Whatever the force is, Hope finds herself facing tough challenges, and yet because of the circumstances she discovers new friends and new love for family.

With her diary, Hope opens her heart for all to read. She tells us about her struggles with cancer, God, marriage, motherhood, guilt, and earthly desires…not to mention the abyss of death.

The Man Who Came in from the Cold

Do you tend to take life for granted?
We may or may not take life for granted, but we all seem to ignore death entirely.
Having a human life means wanting to acquire, wanting to keep indefinitely.
Yet, as we get closer to death, our goals tend to change from wanting stuff to giving possessions away.
It seems the meaning of life isn’t what we own but more of what we might have learned, grown from, and experienced.

The Personification of Love (Previously published as Shades of Grey)

War changes people, and with the death of her husband in the European theater of World War II, Maggie Fitzgerald is changed. She is forced to make difficult life decisions.

Reluctantly, she leaves her daughter with her parents in Montana to take a job as the caretaker of a house in the Canadian northern wilderness of Waterton Park. She soon learns that the property she cares for is enchanted. A goddess appears to Maggie, challenging her sanity and beliefs. It’s through this goddess that Maggie finds the ability to live and love again.

But new life and love don’t come without a price. While living on this sacred land, Maggie, who has always followed the rules and lived a “traditional conservative life,” falls in love with another woman, something society in 1943 considers taboo. And because Maggie worships a female deity and loves another woman, her conservative family rejects her.
Now an outcast, Maggie follows the guidance of the goddess. Through a series of serendipitous events, she finds work as a photographer with the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) documenting mysterious caves, richly decorated in an inexplicable ancient Egyptian style, in the American southwest and the French Alps. She is thunderstruck to learn that her lens has captured images of the goddess she came to know in the Park, a goddess related to the origin of mankind.

As the book opens, it’s been over sixty years since anyone from her family has had contact with Maggie. It’s only on her deathbed that Maggie is able to speak with her grandson, Dillon, who wasn’t even aware that he had a grandmother. Through memories captured in photos in an old album and Maggie’s journal, Dillon discovers his grandmother’s remarkable life and learns the vital lesson she uncovered in an ancient message—love in all its aspects is the true answer to our human problems.

The Giggling Boy

The children have been stolen from their parents.Taken far away and forced to live at the mission school they are subject to cruel torture, they live in fear; they are waiting for someone to hear their cries.

Eleven-year-old Smiley was taken. He lived at the mission school, where he was reconditioned. Smiley will tell you his story: how he lived and how he died.

Francis Malachi Pratt, the mission school superintendent, had a deviant hunger. He did unthinkable things to the vulnerable children under his care. He believed he wasn’t accountable for his actions.

But now he is dying.

He is going to hell.

The First Holiday

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An Isolated Incident of the Plumed Wizard and a U.S. Concentration Camp

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