Cinnamon Kisses

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  • ASIN: B072L67P6V
  • Print Length: 310 pages
  • Publication Date: April 30, 2017
  • Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC

In the distance between heaven and hell it is suggested that the world we live in exists. Here on this earth at this time we often take for granted that our reality is constant. We assume every day will produce forward movement of the clock, an unfailing certainty that our day progresses into the future. But what if you woke up one day and everything was different? What would you do if things subtle and obvious were strangely out of place: the people you knew didn’t know you anymore, your job didn’t exist, and your family was just gone? Cinnamon Kisses is the story of Dardic Jennings who believes he has slipped through a crack in reality into a parallel world. Things are no longer as he believes they should be. He goes to sleep with an impressive job, a beautiful fiancée, and a happy family, and wakes to find himself unemployed, homeless and completely alone, except for his psychologist, Sherry Rosen. Rosen accepts Dardic as a pro bono patient and immediately she has a strange affinity to him. The more she is around him the more she is compelled to help him. In therapy Dardic, tells Sherry he’s not from this reality. Soon she begins to believe him—and then begins to question her own reality. Together they try to establish what reality is, and where are they located within the multiple versions of it they experience.