If you’re someone who’s involved in the arts and you feel as though your inspiration has hit a dry spell, perhaps a change of atmosphere would help you to reconnect with your passion. If you can take yourself on a little vacation–if only for a weekend–then one place you may want to consider is San Francisco. It really doesn’t matter what time of year you go, SF is always a wonderful place to visit! And if you do go to the “City By The Bay”, I know of a small boutique hotel that’s tucked away near Union square. It’s called Hotel Rex, and it just might be the inspirational vehicle that ends up reconnecting you to the passionate side of “you” .

At 562 Sutter St. you’ll find the Hotel Rex. There you will be greeted by a friendly staff and a wonderful Pug named Maximo who, as it turns out, has his very own facebook page!

Whether you stay for a week or just a weekend, Hotel Rex is a cozy home base for starting a new project–or dusting off that old one you’ve had tucked away in your mind for a while.

The rooms are not elegant, but they offer enough space to absorb the creative energy that seems to flow through out.

It is centrally located and when I need a break, I venture out.


[quote type=”center”] No need for a car; one can walk in any direction to find galleries, good food, entertaining street musicians and my girlfriends favorite… shopping! [/quote]



In the lobby, period furnishings are an abundant pleasure for the eyes; not to be outdone, however, is the set of beautiful mahogany bookshelves that proudly display the many books of antiquity and contemporary titles which the hotel makes available for its guests. (When I visit, I usually bring along a few books I’ve already read and leave them on the shelves for other vistors to read.) Just have a seat in the lounge and your eyes will delight in looking around. You will spy original pieces of art and sculpted pieces as well as antique typewriters and telephones.

Like I mentioned before, the artisan guest rooms are quaint, but at least for me inspiring. The thing I like most is the quality of concentration I get while in my room. There is little to no distractions. I find it easy to buckle down and hammer out a few chapters. (Seriously I’ve written quickly and a large amount in that hotel!)

If you need more room they do have a suite or two. I was told the suites are over eight hundred square feet with a master bedroom, a separate sitting room, and two bathrooms. For me that is too much. I would get distracted with that much space. I like the small rooms to keep focused on my project.

My girlfriend and I travel frequently and I will post other inspirational places but this is my primary hotel tool for getting me to work. I get nothing for referring this hotel to you. I do it because I know the struggle we all get into when we can’t focus. This wonderful little hotel has been a blessing to me.

Please let me know if you visit this hotel. Let me know how it worked for you.