Lithia Park

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Ruby Birk, who lives in Ashland Oregon, often comes to Lithia Park with her dog Yukon to sketch. She is the quintessential starving artist who never earns enough money through her artwork to pay the rent or purchase groceries. She seems to be filled with angst and is jealous of so-called normal people with normal nine-to-five jobs. Self-doubt is her biggest enemy, and because of her limited faith in the world of art, she is reluctant to leap into the job market and conform to the world around her. If she got a regular job, she protests, she would have to turn her back on everything she believes in. This is what has her filled with depression. When Ruby’s ex-husband surprises her one day with a painting, he bought for her, her life is suddenly turned upside down. The painting is more than a hundred years old, and yet painted on the canvas is the unmistakable image of Ruby, her dog, and an unknown man. As if the painting weren’t strange enough, it’s her signature in the corner that unsettles her: it’s her name, and she is convinced it was written by her hand.While she doesn’t recognize the man in the painting, there is something familiar about him. And when she turns the painting over, she finds further mysteries taped to the back of the canvas and frame. This mysterious painting leads Ruby on a journey to find out how the painting came to exist in the first place. She also learns who the man with her is. Through the magic of Lithia Park, Ruby is able to travel through time and go back a hundred years to get the answers she seeks. Lithia Park swirls together in elements of “Bid Time Return,” “Lust for Life,” and “A Portrait of Jennie” to give readers an enchanting novel that takes on immense themes: love, death, magic, and the power of the human mind to transform and transcend reality. Lithia Park will captivate readers who fall under its spell.

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Loved this book!

5.0 rating
February 20, 2020

I really enjoyed Lithia Park. This was the first of Ra Lynn LoneWalker’s novels I read. The way LoneWalker paints a vivid picture of every aspect of the story is a true gift. Ruby, the main character, is living a life in both past and present, weaving a complex relationship with the few she allows close to her heart. I loved the realness of the struggle Ruby experienced as an artist trying to sell her work while trying not to cave to fit the mold society tried to impose on her. Even if time travel isn’t your genre, I would recommend you give this book a try because it is nothing like what I’d expect from the term “time travel.” I look forward to reading another one of Ra Lynn’s colorful novels!


Lithia Park

5.0 rating
February 5, 2020

What a wonderful book. It keeps you on your toes, wondering how it is
going to turn out. It is very, very spiritual, in more ways than one. I highly
recommend it to everyone. Even if you think you are not into spiritual stuff. I live
by Lithia Park. This book covers every great thing about the park. By the way it is such
a beautiful place to visit, if anyone gets the chance to come to Ashland, OR. Not only is
the park beautiful but so is the town.


No Title

5.0 rating
September 23, 2019

Lithia Park is a work of intriguing time travel fiction penned by author Ra Lynn LoneWalker. Written for adults due to some explicit language and scenes, this fascinating tale of love, death and magic centers on Ruby Birk, a starving artist in Ashland, Oregon. Ruby is determined to pursue her passions in the arts at the expense of stability and even her own personal happiness sometimes. When her ex-husband buys her a painting of a woman that looks just like her but set a hundred years ago, Ruby encounters a powerful sense of shock and familiarity. Through the magic of nearby Lithia Park, is Ruby able to solve both the mystery of the painting and of herself?
I thoroughly enjoyed this sweeping tale of romance, personal growth, power, art, and tragedy, told from the perspective of a non-conformist heroine whose personality shines on every page. Author Ra Lynn LoneWalker captures the starving artist character archetype without relying on clichés, making an accessible but non-pretentious figure that we truly root for and are inspired by her passions. The prose is confidently set to convey both plot and character development, creating gorgeous atmospheres of the Oregon weather and the parkland of present and past. When the magic of time travel kicks in, the novel progresses into a whole new world with perfect pacing, enveloping readers in a lavish ambiance that is well researched but not overly historical. Overall, Lithia Park is an accomplished work of fiction, perfect for fans of personal dramas with a little magic and history thrown in.