Author Ra Lynn LoneWalker

When asked to write a bio of myself, I was at a loss as to what I should write. Traditionally, an author’s bio page is the place where one expects to read about all the amazing awards the writer has accumulated during his or her long and storied literary career. Well, I certainly don’t have any awards. It’s not who I am, it’s not “Me”.

An author’s bio page is also the place where readers expect to see an impressive list of employers for whom the author has worked in the past; prestigious employers like the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal or the Chicago Tribune, for example. Well, that’s not “me”, either

Now, I know I should be honest about my biography–and indeed, this and every other page on this site is truthful in every sense of the word. But “truth”, I’ve come to learn, is a perceptual and multi-dimensional thing, one that begs the question: Which “Me” best describes the true biographical essence of who I am, and who Ra Lynn Lonewalker is?

Is it the “me” of yesterday? The “here and now” me of today? Or the “future” me of tomorrow? And, as different as each “me” is from the other, don’t they each have a legitimate claim to their respective place within the full biographical makeup of who I am, and who Ra Lynn Lone Walker is?

Whatever the case, I know that “truth” — along with the true essence of who each of us are in our individual, multi-dimensional lives — is viewed through a complicated social prism, one that illuminates the many shades of time and context that reside in each of us . As for how I see myself, I see that I am growing and learning how to be “me”. Each day I learn something new about myself and where I belong, not only on this earth, but also within the grand universe.

I invite you to explore the many pages of my books and the pages of this website to learn of the rich experiences with which I’ve been blessed.

The information is yours to do with what you will. Believe what you like, reject what you must, embrace and love what touches your heart. It’s my gift to you. Just know that everything in my life has led me to be the person that I am at this moment in time, and that person is a Storyteller. It is my greatest wish that you enjoy what you discover here.

Ra Lynn