Short Stories

Ra Lynn LoneWalker is adding even more content for you to get your hands on while he works on his next novel. Here you will find his latest Short Story to download and enjoy.

An Isolated Incident of the Plumed Wizard and a U.S. Concentration Camp

About: Crossing the US Mexico border has become highly publicized during the Trump administration. This short story brings to a small border town where immigrants are trying to cross with a twist you won’t see coming.

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The First Holiday

About: Experience the creation of Earth through Mother Nature’s perspective. She’s helped align all the beauty of the universe into one planet, but the lesser gods have come to wreak havoc on this peaceful land. This story is full of magic, wonder and the hearts of two young children.

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The Man Who Came in From The Cold

About: Do you tend to take life for granted? We may or may not take life for granted, but we all seem to ignore death entirely. Having a human life means wanting to acquire, wanting to keep indefinitely. Yet, as we get closer to death, our goals tend to change from wanting stuff to giving possessions away. It seems the meaning of life isn’t what we own but more of what we might have learned, grown from, and experienced. (Based on a true story)

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