My girlfriend and I hiked up Superstition Mountain in Apache Junction, AZ. earlier in the month. This mountain has a enigmatic past. It’s rumored to have gold rich gold mine that very few have been able to find. It’s called the Lost Dutchman mine.

However we weren’t looking for gold or a mine. My girlfriend had read about some petroglyphs on Superstition Mountain. When someone says trail to me my eyes light up. When you say petroglyphs to me you have my attention. Because those words have a deep meaning to me. I get high when I’m out in nature. For a mysterious way, not to be understood, my trails have no end. I may not venture out for weeks but when I do they are out there waiting for me, as excited to have me as I am to be there with them.

Our trail this month led up to a general high elevation with comparatively little climbing and comparatively easy traveling to other trails we have been on. However the trail up to where the petroglyphs was an angry one. Everything that grows on that trail either stabs, bites or pricks. Not dangerous, but defiantly noticeable. We started out early in the morning but it was still damn hot!

We made the climb happy to be outdoors and enjoying nature. The trail came to a crevasse that had pools of yucky stagnant water in the bottom. But we found the petroglyphs and they were well preserved. So interesting to read a form of communication from the distant past. There was a petroglyph of a monkey…a monkey? I found that interesting because in recent times monkeys haven’t lived in north America but here was one etched in the rock. There were other animals some identifiable and other’s that were strange.

If you have the opportunity to read Shades of Gray you will find references to petroglyphs. I feel a deep connection to the communication written in the stone. I think they have been misjudged by the archeological community. For instance there is a cave in Nevada that my girlfriend and I hiked up to. The cave had loads of art work but there was a sign that stated the ‘natives’ scribbled on the walls. The authority over the cave claims there is no meaning in the art there. If one looks closely one will see references to our galaxy the Milky Way. I saw spheres and the third sphere from the large one with radiating lines was clearly earth. Well, to me anyway.

Back to our hike up Superstition Mountain …We entered the megalithic stone garden where the pertoglyphs lived at the close of the morning hours.The great rocks held scenes carved in them of an age undetermined. We seemed to have shrunk standing near the huge natural stones. While looking at the area it seemed as if we may have crossed back in time and prehistoric man could have appeared carrying out his daily tasks. We stood as pigmies in the setting before us which had stood in its colossi from age after age after yet another age.

In spite of the magnificence and wonder of the ancient artwork we were a little glad to have left.  The heat was wearing true,  but perhaps more so, the area held us too rigidly to a spiritual standard of which our normal lives were incapable of comprehending. Conceivably, this place insisted on a loftiness of the soul, a dignity, a remoteness from the ordinary affairs of life, the ordinary occupations of thought hardly compatible with the powers of any creature less noble, less aged, less wise in the passing of centuries than itself.  For the area held a frequency of spirit that one can tune into but the information there is rich yet just out of our reach.